Chia Seed Porridge – Breakfast in minutes!

You’ve tried having a Chia pet. Now try Chia Porridge. No kidding.

This recipe makes 2 portions and can be kept in the refrigerator to be consumed the following day. I can personally vouch for feeling satiated and full of energy all morning. It makes a light, but satisfying breakfast. Keep it in mind for hiking or camping forays as these foods do well without refrigeration for a while.

Healthy Breakfast

Chia Porridge Ingredients

making hemp milk

To make hemp milk, blend the water and the hemp seeds in a blender or a magic bullet for about 20 seconds.

milk substitute

Pour the hemp milk into a small mixing bowl.

Add the chia seeds, wait 2 minutes, mix, wait 2 more minutes then mix again.

healthy breakfast

Add all other ingredients, tasting for sweetness to see if maple syrup is needed. I find it sweet enough with the fresh and dried fruit.

Chia Porridge Print Ready Recipe

Final Notes:

  • Thanks to my brother Eric for giving me this recipe, demonstrating how easy it is to make and for being a nutritional watchdog. He manages to eat healthy and always considers what’s best for the environment.
  • Recipe tasted and looked best after resting for 30 minutes. The chia seeds continue to expand and make the texture more like traditional porridge.
  • Check out Honest to Goodness, Simply Raw and Living Earth Beauty for a few more takes on Chia Seed Porridge.
  • You can replace hemp milk with almond or regular milk.
  • Other dried fruits to try include dates, figs, apricots or the very tasty, nutritious goji berries.
  • Read the latest about the nutritional benefits of Chia Seeds.


  1. Anonymous says

    Way better photo! I’m expanding your JC network, sending all my tennis buddies your link. The blog-overse, and beyond! Bisous jo

    • says

      I’m still loving it! Gotta stock up on hemp seeds. My sister told me to try sesame milk- maybe a tablespoon of sesame to 1 cup of water. Supposedly very calcium rich. Who knew?


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